The development trend and market prospect of power adapt...

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  • May 25, 2020

The development trend and market prospect of power adapters

Power adapters are small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances of the power supply conversion equipment, generally by the shell, power transformer and rectifier circuit composition, according to its output type can be divided into ac output type and dc output type;
According to the connection can be divided into plug wall type and desktop type.

Application of power adapters
Power adapters are widely used in consumer electronics, most of which offer output power of less than 100 watts, and demand is growing rapidly.
Battery chargers for electric bicycles, small LCD TVS, laptops, printers, DVD players and set-top boxes are all available.
Early power adapters mostly used linear transformers. As consumer electronics required high efficiency and wide input voltage range for power adapters, as well as the increase of copper, iron and labor costs, the original linear transformers in these power adapters were gradually replaced by switching power supplies.

Power adapter development trend
Power adapter first appeared in the mid - 1980 - s, Japanese Toshiba, take the lead in the switching power supply technology for laptop external power supply, its initiative to start a new page in the history of the power adapter development, also become the world's first independent notebook power adapter, because using the technology of switch power supply power supply external notebook don't need to take into account the power conversion and the heat generated by the gathered in notebook itself, and the power adapter is easy to carry, as for it effectively improve the commercialization and universalization of notebook computer.

At present, the high-frequency of the power adapter has become the direction of its development, the high-frequency miniaturization of the switching power supply, and the power adapter more into a wider range of applications, especially in the high-tech field of application, promoting the miniaturization and portability of high-tech products.In addition, the development and application of power adapters are of great significance in energy conservation, resource conservation and environmental protection.