Five ways to solve overheating of power adapters?

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  • June 01, 2020

Five ways to solve overheating of power adapters?

The power adapter is not unfamiliar in our life. It is indispensable for TV, computer, mobile phone and other electronic products at home.Believe a lot of people have noticed, the power adapter sometimes in use, will appear the power adapter overheating, even very hot feeling.So, what is the solution to overheat the power adapter?

The five ways to solve the overheating of power adapters are as follows:

1.Create a good cooling environment and place the power adapter in a position that is not exposed to sunlight and wind.Remember not to use in high temperature for too long, if you must use for a long time, must pay attention to heat dissipation, you can put the fan on the side to assist heat dissipation.

2.You can pad a narrow plastic or metal block between the adapter and the desktop to accelerate the heat release of the adapter.

3.In the high temperature environment, put the adapter on the side to reduce the contact with the ground, so that the adapter can better distribute the heat and have a cooling effect.

4.The heating of the power adapter is generally caused by the charging of the battery and the consumption of the computer.We can set it up in a notebook with battery management software.Such as lenovo's battery management software - the best battery maintenance can be.Dell also has software that can be set to disable charging.

5.Often use a dry soft cloth or paper towel to wipe the dust on the surface of the power adapter, to prevent the dust from entering the gap and reduce the heat dissipation performance.