PSE Certification Of YHY 200W Series Power Adap...

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  • November 02, 2020

PSE Certification Of YHY 200W Series Power Adapter

YHY Power is a professional Switching Adapter manufacturer with globel certifications, such as CCC,UL/CUL,PSE,CE,FCC,SAA ,KC,KCC,ROHS,etc.Our AC/DC Power Adapter passed the test at one time and got the 200W Series PSE Certificate on September,2020.

PSE Certification

What is PSE Certification?

Electrical appliances sold and manufactured in South Korea must be safe for consumers. Before being offered for sale, all electrical and electronic products importing into or manufactured within South Korea must undergo rigorous product testing and inspection to ensure they do not endanger the consumer through fire or electric shock. In addition, manufacturers undergo recurring factory inspections to verify that production standards are being maintained.