What is the difference between a power adapter and a char...

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  • January 19, 2018

What is the difference between a power adapter and a charger?


   Power Adapter and charger are both important electrical accessories in our life,which is used widely.What is the different between a power adapter and a charger ? Please find the answers as below.

  A charger usually refers to a device that converts alternating current into low voltage direct current. It is used in mobile phones, batteries, electric cars, etc.

   Power adapter also turns AC into direct current. Now the mobile charger on the market is also generally switching power supply. Switching power supply is more widely used, such as massager, hair straightener, LCD monitor, notebook computer and so on...... Switching power supplies are used.

   Switching power supply is a form of power conversion, characterized by the power supply is working in the switch state.As the switching power supply efficiency, so it has been a very wide range of applications.

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