Share some basic knowledge about power adapters

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  • October 07, 2019

Share some basic knowledge about power adapters

Share some basic knowledge about power adapters. Power adapters are the most common power products in our life, but many people know little about them. Many of the indicators on the power adapter we do not know what it means. There are also safety incidents caused by poor power adapters and improper operation. Today YHY Power will simply popularize the basic knowledge of power adapter for you.

1. Main performance indicators of power adapter:

(1): rated output current;

(2): rated output voltage;

(3): Marking and instructions for use;

(4) Size of DC plug;

(5): Fault condition;

12V wall mount power adapter

2. Problems to be noticed when choosing power adapter:

(1) Purchase commodities manufactured by regular manufacturers;

(2) Purchase products with "3C", "UL" or other certification marks;

(3) purchase mobile phone charger with original mobile phone.

(4): Look at the appearance of the charger, such as: whether the seams of the shell are fine and tidy.

Desktop power adapter

3. Suitable working environment of power adapter:

(1) Waterproof and moisture-proof: (Do not use chargers near bathtubs, washbasins, water sources, or damp basements);

(2): Cold and heat protection: (High temperature will shorten the life of electronic devices, plastic parts deformation or melting. Supercooling will cause moisture to form inside the charger and destroy the circuit board. );

(3): Fall proof and shock proof: (Damage of electronic components will burn out circuit boards, and damage of shell will cause electric shock hazard. )Do not plug in or unplug the power adapters with wet hands, otherwise it may cause electric shock hazard.