Differentiation between power adapter and LED driver

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  • September 02, 2019

Differentiation between power adapter and LED driver

Simply put, the power adapter contains LED driver, which belongs to the scope of power adapter. This is their relationship and difference. The following chapters describe the difference between them in detail..

Power adapter we generally refer to a stable power supply, we often refer to the constant current power supply, also known as the constant current source; but there are also LED power supply with a constant voltage power supply, such as power adapter.

LED Driver:

1. Constant-current power driver:

It means that the output current of constant current power supply is constant, and the output DC voltage will change in a certain range with the change of load resistance value. Load resistance value is small, output voltage is low, and the larger the load resistance value, the higher the output voltage. The power of constant current power supply is fixed. For example, 10W LED lamp uses 10W constant current source. In terms of energy saving and luminance balance of LED lamp, constant current source is the most ideal way to drive LED lamp.

2. Voltage stabilized power supply driver:

It refers to the use of regulated power supply (such as power adapter) for LED power supply, regulated power supply refers to when the parameters are determined, the output voltage is fixed in a range, and the output current changes with the size of the load. The LED is driven by a voltage-stabilized power supply. Each series needs to be properly resisted in order to make the brightness of each series of LED display average. For example, when the resistance or the current of each series of LED beads changes, the brightness will change. In the case of using more beads, the use of voltage-stabilized power supply is less because the more the series of lights, the more the case is, the more the brightness will change. The more resistance on the lamp, the more additional current will be lost, and more light beads will be used when the number of light beads is not very large.

The power adapter

Power adapter is a power supply conversion device for small portable electronic devices and electronic appliances. It is generally composed of shell, power transformer and rectifier circuit. According to its output type, it can be divided into AC output type and DC output type. According to the connection mode, it can be divided into plug-in type and desktop type. Specifically, what is power adapter? This article has been introduced in detail, so you can get to know it.