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  • August 19, 2019

Common Specifications For DC Plug Of Switching Power Supply and Charger ?

DC plug of power adapter is also referred to as DC head. Cylindrical DC head can be divided into straight-plug DC head and tuning fork DC head according to contact mode. DC head is a connector connecting power adapter with its power supply products. It is a hollow metal cylindrical contact body adopted by tuning fork DC head by tuning fork metal contact shrapnels or straight-plug DC head, and an insulating base. The socket, transverse socket, longitudinal socket, directional keyway, etc. The inside diameter and outside diameter specifications of DC plug for power adapter are as follows(The unit is MM):


DC Plug For Power Adapter,charger

The DC plug connection mode of the power adapter is that two fork contact shrapnel are positioned at the center of the base (tuning fork DC head) or a smooth hollow metal cylinder is positioned at the center of the base (straight plug DC head) in longitudinal and transverse alignment. The same hollow metal cylinder exposed outside the insulating base cylinder (there is no difference between tuning fork type and direct DC head exposed metal connection), which is connected with the socket inside and outside to make its power supply and its power supply products conductive and power supply, so as to make it work normally.

Power adapter DC plug length specifications are 8/10/12 (unit MM) and so on.

DC Plug For AC DC Adapter,power adapter,charger

Poor quality of DC plug and DC power socket of power adapter may cause bad contact or DC plug burning or even melting, so the quality problem of a small DC plug will affect the quality of power adapter products.