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  • January 19, 2018

 Will you promptly unplug the power adapter and charger?

Low carbon life, starting from small things!The big extension cord on my computer desk is full of sockets,when we leave and turn off the lights, there are always green or red lights of AC DC Power Adapter are shinning on the desk in the dark. I don’t know if you are accustomed to unplug the unused power adapter at any time,but have you ever thought that these free adapters are wasting energy in vain?

    You might think this is a boring topic,such as power adapters and chargers of mobile phones and digital cameras even consume only a few watts of power, not to mention the idle state of the standby.But when I looked for the switching power adapter data in the last two days, I saw a power adapter cumulative energy meter, and the figures really surprised me.

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      For example, power consumption of mobile phone charging is about 4W, standby power consumption of power adapter is 0.5W(it is not much,even smaller than an bulb).A typical user may charge 7 hours per week, and if he doesn't unplug the power adapter, the adapter will standby for 161 hours.Accounting for each year, mobile phone charging will consume 1.456 kWh , and standby will consume 4.186 kwh of electricity.

In accordance with the current price of 0.48 RMB per kilowatt hour in Beijing, because of the ineffective consumption of standby, you will be paid 2 RMB for each power adapter. Seems this is not big deal,But from a global perspective, these ineffective consumption is an alarming number.

In 2009, global mobile phone sales amounted to about 1 billion 211 million units, If 10% of the users do not unplug the power adapter, it will consume more than 500 million kwh per year, or about 240 million RMB.If you add digital cameras, MP3/MP4, cameras, laptops and so on, or according to 10% estimates, the standby power consumption will reach about 1 billion degrees!Many a little stand makes the tower. 

Billion kilowatt! Is this figure shocking enough? 1 billion kwh electricity enough support about 1 million typical China family, if converted to carbon emissions, the electricity will increase 7 million 850 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions, about 8 million 200 thousand trees to absorb.

However, these are just the tip of the iceberg, TV, DVD players, set-top boxes and other products of the standby power consumption is usually less than 1W, and few people will be completely shut down these audio-visual products supply habits, most of them are using a remote control close to the standby state.

Support low carbon life, from their own start, from small things, the home of the wiring boards are replaced with switches, to develop the habit of closing the power at any time. I meant to do it, and you?