Why do customers choose YHY Power Adapter?

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  • January 19, 2018

Why do customers choose YHY Power Adapter?


As a sales, the competition and pressure are increasing. Every time you waste your energy to complain: such as seriously loss of old customers, it's harder and harder to do business now, and new customers are getting harder to develop. But complaining won't help you get orders. At the same time, Some sales use the time to study the customer's needs. They believe that when you fully understand the needs of customers, you will find out how to really help them, then orders are coming.

Why do customers choose YHY Power Adapter, AC/DCPower Adapter manufacturer,Switching Power Supply

We are a AC-DC Power Adapter Maker. Our products have wide usage, but there are more than 3000 Switching Power Adapter manufacturers in Shenzhen. As customers face so many choices, How can they buy your products? There is a senior sales in our company.He has been doing well , the old customers are stable, as well as a steady stream of new customers. One day he shared a case with us.

One customer from Italy sent him an inquiry of 12V 8A desktop power adapter, after that he asked some samples for testing, seems everything was going well, then nothing. In the conversation, He learned that the customer is satisfied with the quality and the price , but the customer's products are exquisite in appearance and high-grade in packing,the samples we sent customer are black and in normal packing box,(please see the picture as below.) They don’t seem too match.Finally, our colleague got the order by changing the color of the goods to white,and customizing the packing box based on customer’s idea.

Switching Power Supply

Lucky him, he found the real needs of this customer before the customer found another supplier.

And we have been cooperation with this customer since 2010.This is a simple example,but fully explained that only you fully understand the needs of the customers, in order to find the right direction to help them, and stand at the customers’ point of view, this is the only way to get trust of customers.

Why do customers choose YHY Power Adapter, AC/DCPower Adapter manufacturer

 YHY Power is a leader Switching Power adapter manufacture, Our business philosophy: quality first, good faith service, customers’ demand is our goal.

More information about YHY Power, please visit our website:www.yhypower.com. If you have any needs on AC/DC Power Adapter, please contact with us by Email:serena@yhypower.com.