Party Like We Do

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  • January 19, 2018

    Party Like We Do

    After three months of joint efforts, the foreign trade department fulfilled the second quarter targer ahead of time: USD2500,000. As a reward, we embarked on a two days trip by Xiachuan Island. We left at 7:00 Am, it took 4 hours to get there. Finally arriving at the hotel at 11:30AM, take a picture first:

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   After a little break, We went straight to the restaurant and had a seafood feast.

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   After the delicious meal, everyone was attracted by the beautiful scenery. We didn’t care how hot the weather, enjoyed ourselves on the beach. That's the spirit of the YHY people: we are conscientious and responsible at work, when we relax,we are enthusiastic and lively, naivete, like a child......Blue sky, white clouds, vastly sea, soft sandy beach, green pastures, happy YHY people ...Of cause don't forget our power adapter:

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    After dinner, we talked about the life, enjoyed the sea breeze, very comfortable.

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    Listening to the sound of the waves, slowly falling asleep. On the morning of the second day, after breakfast, we went to sea by boat.....But happiness is often short-lived, three in the afternoon we embarked on a return journey.

   YHY Group was founded in 2007 as a professional Switching power Adapter supplier in Shenzhen。Deep inside,YHY Group is not only a AC DC power adapter manufacturer, but also a family. Welcome to join us! We are here, where are you? 

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   A short rest is for higher flying,YHY GROUP, GO!GO!GO! Fight for one hundred million.

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