Power Adapter For 3D Printer

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  • Jimmy at
  • March 27, 2018

YHY Power adapter is used for 3D Printer 

ShinHeung, the largest vendor of Korean Samsung, came to our company for a solution of power adapter for mobile MEMO printer, and provided design proposal of external mold. Through the joint efforts of everyone in YHY, Three months later, YHY Power smoothly made an order of 80,000.


Shenzhen Yinghuiyuan Electronics Co.,Ltd -has our own R&D team with more than 16 years experience. We are capable to meet all the needs of different customers.This is why YHY power adapter is so popular in different fields.


As a professional Switching Adapter manufacturer, ShenZhen Yinghuiyuan Electronics Co.,Ltd is not only a power adapter factory, but also a whole set of power adapter solution provider.